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You won't believe what just came in... Lauren G Adams, where have you been my whole life?

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Lauren G Adams


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Snow Leopard Bling RingBling! Bling!
"Who's There?"
"A Fantastic Snow Leopard Ring, that's who!"

A ridiculous amount of SUPER cute animal bling has come in! We're talking little piggies, hamsters, roosters, & giraffes. The list goes on and on. My fave is currently this Snow Leopard Bling Ring.

How cool is it!?! It's TWO fingers cool (which is about as cool as you can get)!

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New PANDORA Ring Sets

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Pandora Ring Gift Sets

Hey PANDORA Lovers! New PANDORA Ring Gift Sets are available now through the November 23rd. The Midnight Enchantment Gift Set is $150 and the Moonlit Serenade Gift Set is $100 (MY FAVE!).

What's really fabulous about these sets is they make great gifts and you save some of your hard-earned money by buying the rings as a set instead of individually. I'm talking $20-$25... Happy early Christmas to you! *wink*

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