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Thanks to Our Soldiers!

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We're excited to announce the arrival of New From Soldier to Soldier bracelets. They are available in a variety of Red & White and some have an enamel clasp. These are a great way to show support for your Soldier and are also at an attractive price for holiday gifting... See for yourself!

Click Here to See From Soldier to Soldier Bracelets

From Soldier to Soldier Red Bracelet

These bracelets also carry an average $7 donation, which goes to Homes for Our Troops. Homes for Our Troops assists severely wounded veterans and their families by building adaptive homes. Watch the video below to learn more about From Soldier to Soldier Bracelets and Homes for Our Troops!

Merry Christmas to You - Free Lori Bonn Sweet!*

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Now through December 24, 2012 - Receive a FREE Sterling Silver Sweets Pendant when you buy $98  or more in Lori Bonn Jewelry. I think that means a present for you & a gift for someone else, right? :)

Click Here to View Lori Bonn Jewelry

Lori Bonn Free Sweets Pendant

I think I would look FANTASTIC in this...

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Hello Friday!


VIP Pricing

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DaVinci Galatea

For a limited time we're offering special pricing on Galatea Jewelry! This includes our DavinChi Cut Necklaces... which are my FAVORITE!!! (but aren't they EVERYONE'S favorite!?!)

Click Here to Take a Look

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