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Leather Lover!

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Leather Bracelets

Though it seems like it's taking FOR-EV-ER, Spring is almost here. Coming along with the warmer weather are fun new seasonal colors! (YAY!)

We've just gotten in FANTASTIC new Authentic Leather Bracelets in a rainbow of colors. These sustainable bracelets are made from Rooster, Ostrich, Stingray and Bullfrog. I got a red leather bracelet last year and I knew I would wear it a lot, but I was actually kind of shocked how many outfits I could pair it with.

Aside from new colors, we also have some really fab new triple wrap bracelets. I think this one would look great with a summer tan!

Click Here to take a look at all of our New Leather Bracelets.

Leather Snake Bracelet

Sneak Peek!

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Copper in Quartz


We have a sneak peek of some BEAUTIFUL jewelry that has just arrived!

These Quartz pendants and earrings have different metals like gold, copper and silver providing accents throughout the stones. The result is completely breathtaking. My favorite is the copper in quartz... Talk about jaw-dropping!

Here are some examples of what some different slices of quartz looking like with the different metals.

These beauties will be in our "What's New" Section within a week.



Ring My Bell

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How did this happen!?! It's less than a week until Valentine's Day! Time has been flying by. If you still aren't sure what to get your Valentine, take a look at these cute, little pendant Bells that have just come in!

There's over 25 different styles and we've given them all the "ADORABLE" stamp of approval!

Click Here to Look at All of the New Bells


A Winning Combo!

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Your Favorite Team T-Shirt +  Your favorite Elisa Ilana Jewelry = A Winning Combo!

Have fun cheering on your favorite team this weekend & enjoying yummy game-day appetizers!


Super Bowl Chic


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