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Get to Know Donna Chambers

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One of our favorite designers here at Elisa Ilana is Donna Chambers. Why do we love her pieces, you ask? We love them because they are unique and beautiful of course!

The Donna Chambers collection is created by a team of four people right from the Donna Chambers Design Studio. They all bring different skill sets and experiences to the collection. Each piece from Donna Chambers is made from Antique Chinese gambling chips...how cool is that?!

Many of these gamling chips were custom-made at the request of British nobility and feature family crests. Donna's jewelry has been shown at the Smithsonian Institute and the Boston Museum of Art.

Along with each piece being made from these chips, there is also a specific process to hand-fabricating each one. They first start with their building technique which is what they call their "wire work". The wire work is the foundation to each piece. They then move to pearling, and then to stamping with the Donna Chambers DC logo. To ensure that each piece is authentic, they also include a certificate of authenticity that tells you all about the history of your Antique Chinese gambling chip!

Click Here to View Donna Chambers Fine Jewelry.

All Aboard

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All Fashionista's Aboard! Go enjoy a beautiful lunch or dinner on the water with your special someone. Light colors and airy fabrics are just right for being out at sea but don't forget a sweater just incase it's a little breezy. Our Elisa Ilana stud earrings and cute anchor themed necklace are the perfect accessories for your day out. Anchors Aweigh!

All Aboard





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We are excited..............to let you know that we will be getting these charms and bracelets from the Summer Release early next week!

We have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting these NEW PANDORA Fascinating Glass Charms and NEW Triple Leather Bracelets!

Check out the Fascinating Glass, Sea Glass, and Triple Leather Bracelets now!

I think the Teal Triple Leather "Balance" bracelet looks FAB with the new Sea Glass Charms!

Pandora Fascinating Charms

Visit us online at to see all the new Pandora Charms or visit our stores to see all of our new PANDORA goodies!

Show Your Office Style

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Who said you couldn't add a little personality to your work wardrobe? You can still dress fun, right? Of course! Don't be afraid to wear a great pair of pumps to add just a little sass to your otherwise neutral outfit! Black and Gold jewelry was the must have for this look. Wear jewelry that's comfortable to work in but can also be cute and lively if you go out with co-workers after a long day at the office. Have a HAPPY work week! :)

Office Style




Elegant Pearls for June

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Galatea Diamonds in a Pearl NecklaceWe love showing off our pearly white, pearls, and our Galatea pearls! All of the June babies are SO lucky! You get spoiled with GORGEOUS Galatea pearls for your birthday!

Galatea pearls are the perfect gift! Not only are they unique but absolutely beautiful!

What makes Galatea pearls different from any other pearls?

Galatea is known for their exquisite collections of both hand-carved pearls and the use of gemstones embedded into their carved pearls. It's quite remarkable how they create these pieces of jewelry.

They place gemstones inside of an oyster shell and let nature take over!

The pearls grow around the gemstones and after harvesting the pearls, the carving experts begin their masterful work.

Each pearl is carved down just enough to allow the stones to peek through and also create a beautiful design in the pearl.

As you can see from the pictures it's hard not to fall in love with these pieces!

Don't wait to get a piece from Galatea to show your someone special that she is just as perfect as when you met her! Seriously, we know you love these as much as we do!

Click here to see jewelry from Galatea

Galatea Carved Pearl Bracelet

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