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A Cut Above

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William Henry Knife

Looking for the perfect gift for dad or hubby?

Give him the gift of William Henry hand-crafted artistry. We all know how hard our men work at home and at work so why not give them a William Henry pocket knife to make them feel EXTRA special!

William Henry knives begin as just a sketch before they come to life. There are over 800 procedures done by 30 William Henry artisans before these knives can be taken home. Not to mention that it takes eight months for these exquisite pieces of art to be completed! That's a sure sign of quality craftmanship!

Every blade is hand ground, each frame is cut by machine, carving and engraving is all done by hand, and every piece is put together with careful, steady hands to create the perfect piece.

Every William Henry knife is engraved with a serial number and logo so every knife has its own story.

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How to - Mothers Bracelets

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Elisa Ilana Mothers Bracelets

Designing Mothers Bracelets is one of our favorite things to do at Elisa Ilana. It is one thing to give Mom jewelry for something special, but to give her a customized bracelet with her childrens names on it is even BETTER!

Start out by visiting our website and take a peek at all of the different designs and styles that we have.

After you've decided on a design, provide us with your child's name/names... This is included in the base price of the bracelet. From there, you can add on strands for additional children and add birthstones to represent your child's birth months.

Mothers Bracelets make wonderful, heartfelt gifts for Mom and also make FANTASTIC push presents for the new Mommy.


New PANDORA Summer Collection!

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Yipee! The new PANDORA summer collection has arrived and it is SO CUTE!

I just want to sail away on the ADORABLE little sailboat charm and never come back...but I guess having it on my bracelet will have to do! There are TONS of other adorable charms like the sunglasses, beach ball and lighthouse.

These are the perfect addition to your bracelet for all of those summer vacays!

Pandora Summer Release

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