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Flower Power

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We love all the fresh blooms that have been popping up! Take a look at our Pinterest and See how these Fresh Flowers are inspiring us.


A Beautiful Way to Show Support

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July is the month to raise awareness for bone sarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma. Showing support for sarcoma cancer is as simple as wearing one of our awareness bracelets!

Elisa Ilana Bone Cancer AwarenessA sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in the certain tissues in the body, most commonly the bone or muscle. Bone tumors, or sarcomas, are named based on the area of the bone that is affected. Osteosarcoma is the most common bone sarcoma, which normally occurs in children and young adults but it can develop at any time.

Soft tissue sarcomas develop in the soft tissues like fat, nerves, muscle, blood vessels, deep skin tissues and fibrous tissues. They can generally be found any location on the body but most are in the arms or legs. It is estimated that 4,390 Americans (men, women and children) are expected to die of soft tissue sarcomas every year.

When you wear your awareness jewelry, you are dedicating your efforts to helping those who have a Sarcoma. With as many as 50 different types of soft tissue sarcomas alone, every bit of support helps!

Click Here to See Our Awareness Jewelry


Show Off Your Wild Side

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We all have a wild side...show it off with a sophisticated dress, leather booties, and a studded clutch. Don't forget your favorite silver and gold Elisa Ilana Jewelry, too! You can't go wrong with diamonds to add a little sparkle to your edgy look!


Let Out Your Inner Wild Child




101 Things to Love About Omaha!

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Elisa Ilana Jewelry - Metro MagazineElisa Ilana Jewelry is proud to be from Omaha! Our city as a whole has so much to offer; from music, to art, food and shopping we have you covered!

We are happy to be included in the 101 Things to Love About the Omaha Metro Guide.

Click here to view the Guide, we're number 11!

101 Things to Love about the Omaha Metro

A Modern Style - Levitation Pearls

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Galatea Levitation Pearls have a unique power. These gorgeous carved pearl beads are created with a patent-pending Mono-pole, north-to-north facing magnetic core. With this power, each pearl bead repels one another rather than attracts for evenly spaced perfection. This creates uniformity and naturally occuring space between the beads when on a chain.

This collection is AMAZING! According to Chi Huynh, creater of Galatea Jewelry, the idea was to allow customers to be able to select fewer beads but still have enough to be able to change them out for different looks with ease.

Go ahead, stack the beads on bracelets or earrings to create a modern, pearl experience that will have your friends wondering how you did it! We think it's fascinating!

Click Here to see Galatea Levitation Pearls.

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