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School's in Session

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Lauren G Girls Jewelry

WOW......Where did the summer go?!

It's back to school time for the kiddos already, can you believe it!

Show them how proud you are of them by giving them a little goodluck present. Your little munchkins are becoming the big kids on the playground!

Check out our Lauren G Adams Girls Collection! Your mini me, fashionista will look so cute all year long! :)

For your boys, From Soldier to Soldier bracelets would be just what they needed!

Soldier to Soldier Bracelet

August Birthdays

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Elisa Ilana Peridot Bracelet

Frederic Sage Peridot RingHoly moly...it's August! You know what that means, a beautiful new birthstone!

Vibrant green is all the rage with all of the August babies out there. We just LOVE Peridot for its bright and beautiful color!

For some gift ideas, check out our August Birthday Section on our website for all the GORGEOUS Peridot jewelry you could ever need!



Why Knot Be Fabulous?

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Spice up that great knot front dress with some bling! We love a great black and red combination. Use your red as the statement piece, like we did with the dress, or use it as an accent. Whichever way you choose to go, Elisa Ilana Jewelry will be the perfect addition to make your outfit a standout! You are always FAB with Elisa Ilana Jewelry! :)

Why Knot Be Fabulous?




Fashion Trend - STACK ATTACK!

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Lauren G Adams

A widely popular trend right now is....

You got it, Stacking!

The more-is-more mindset is what jewelry is all about it lately. Now, some of you have maybe been stacking your jewelry since you can remember, but others are just catching on.

This playful combination of new finds with some of our oldest favorites is pushing minimalism to the side and paving the way for gorgeous pairings of jewelry.Lauren G Adams Rings

Want to know just how to go about making this look work? The key is to focus on specific parts of the body.

Don't scatter pieces all over, concentrate on hands, wrists, neck and even ears.

As shown above and to the right, our Lauren G Adams line of bangles and rings make for the PERFECT stackable cuteness for some arm or hand candy!

Click Here to View Lauren G Adams Stackable Jewelry.

Stone Over Stone - Frederic Sage and Dove's Jewelry

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Frederic Sage Jewelry

Some of our favorite pieces are from designers like, Frederic Sage and Doves. They both have a unique way of mixing two beautiful stones together to create one unique piece of jewelry.

What do you get when you lay White Topaz over any other stone? Pure vibrant color with some sparkle, that's what!

Frederic Sage found his inspirarion from his father and followed his true passion in designing jewelry. With his use of beautifully cut gems and fine diamonds, he creates masterpieces set in 18K gold.

Shown above is a Frederic Sage Set with White Topaz over a Mother of Pearl Mosaic pattern. This jaw-dropping set shines with a classy iridescence.

Click Here to View Frederic Sage Jewelry

Doves president and lead designer, Doron Paloma, find inspiration everywhere. Most of his collections are inspired by nature, fashion and even architecture. Every piece is handcrafted by Doves artisans, using only 18 karat gold and high quality diamonds.

Shown to the left is a beautiful Doves White Topaz over Turquoise Ring. The combination of these two stones makes them appear to actually glow.

Click Here to View Dove's Jewelry.

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