A Modern Style - Levitation Pearls

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Galatea Levitation Pearls have a unique power. These gorgeous carved pearl beads are created with a patent-pending Mono-pole, north-to-north facing magnetic core. With this power, each pearl bead repels one another rather than attracts for evenly spaced perfection. This creates uniformity and naturally occuring space between the beads when on a chain.

This collection is AMAZING! According to Chi Huynh, creater of Galatea Jewelry, the idea was to allow customers to be able to select fewer beads but still have enough to be able to change them out for different looks with ease.

Go ahead, stack the beads on bracelets or earrings to create a modern, pearl experience that will have your friends wondering how you did it! We think it's fascinating!

Click Here to see Galatea Levitation Pearls.

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