Elegant Pearls for June

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Galatea Diamonds in a Pearl NecklaceWe love showing off our pearly white, pearls, and our Galatea pearls! All of the June babies are SO lucky! You get spoiled with GORGEOUS Galatea pearls for your birthday!

Galatea pearls are the perfect gift! Not only are they unique but absolutely beautiful!

What makes Galatea pearls different from any other pearls?

Galatea is known for their exquisite collections of both hand-carved pearls and the use of gemstones embedded into their carved pearls. It's quite remarkable how they create these pieces of jewelry.

They place gemstones inside of an oyster shell and let nature take over!

The pearls grow around the gemstones and after harvesting the pearls, the carving experts begin their masterful work.

Each pearl is carved down just enough to allow the stones to peek through and also create a beautiful design in the pearl.

As you can see from the pictures it's hard not to fall in love with these pieces!

Don't wait to get a piece from Galatea to show your someone special that she is just as perfect as when you met her! Seriously, we know you love these as much as we do!

Click here to see jewelry from Galatea

Galatea Carved Pearl Bracelet

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