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One of our favorite designers here at Elisa Ilana is Donna Chambers. Why do we love her pieces, you ask? We love them because they are unique and beautiful of course!

The Donna Chambers collection is created by a team of four people right from the Donna Chambers Design Studio. They all bring different skill sets and experiences to the collection. Each piece from Donna Chambers is made from Antique Chinese gambling cool is that?!

Many of these gamling chips were custom-made at the request of British nobility and feature family crests. Donna's jewelry has been shown at the Smithsonian Institute and the Boston Museum of Art.

Along with each piece being made from these chips, there is also a specific process to hand-fabricating each one. They first start with their building technique which is what they call their "wire work". The wire work is the foundation to each piece. They then move to pearling, and then to stamping with the Donna Chambers DC logo. To ensure that each piece is authentic, they also include a certificate of authenticity that tells you all about the history of your Antique Chinese gambling chip!

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