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Heather MooreWe love, love, LOVE Heather Moore jewelry! It's super fun to be able to customize all of these pieces to make them just the way you want.

First, choose what you want to personalize then decide how to personalize it. Each custom piece you design is hand stamped, letter by letter, and symbol by symbol.

You have endless options of printing names, dates, places and special phrases on this jewelry. You also have an option to include diamonds and add on birthstones to your creation.

We have the ability to create your family’s crest, your wedding monogram, or your company, charity and school logos. Even your child's sketches, fingerprints or drawings can be replicated.

These custom designs are made using sterling silver and a rainbow of 14k golds: yellow, white, green and rose gold.

We hope that these pieces will continue to be a part of your family for generations.

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