Selecting your Bridesmaids Jewelry

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I don’t know about you, but when I was going through the motions of planning a wedding one of the hardest decisions for me leading up to the big day was deciding on what jewelry to buy for my bridesmaids.  We had already picked out their dresses, shoes, and bouquets, but when I was trying to decide on what jewelry, I had a complete roadblock.  I was so appreciative of all their help and support, so I wanted something special and something they would love.  My mission is to help other Brides and give some guidance on this decision. 

Here are some tips on picking and pricing the perfect jewelry for your bridesmaids.

  • Take your Bridesmaids with you to help you pick out their jewelry, make it a day of shopping and end it with pedicures. (but if you have too many opinions and picky fashionistas, you're better off going solo)
  • If you want to surprise them.  Go through your photos and look at what type of jewelry your bridesmaids wear.  If they’re all over the map, pick something unique and close to their liking, if they don’t really wear any jewelry go for something soft and noteworthy.
  • Try to pick something each girl can wear to work or for a night out on the town.  A statement piece they will brag about.
  • Mix and Match! They don’t all have to have matching jewelry (unless that is what you want), but stay in the same family of jewelry.  For instance, if you love Blue Topaz and want to incorporate it in their jewelry, focus on different pieces for each maid.  Your sister wearing a Blue Topaz necklace, another wearing a bracelet accented with Blue Topaz pieces, and your bff in teardrop Blue Topaz earrings. They can accessorize their Blue Topaz with a simple rose gold piece or they can all wear Blue Topaz, however you decide to style it, have fun with it!

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