Stone Over Stone - Frederic Sage and Dove's Jewelry

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Frederic Sage Jewelry

Some of our favorite pieces are from designers like, Frederic Sage and Doves. They both have a unique way of mixing two beautiful stones together to create one unique piece of jewelry.

What do you get when you lay White Topaz over any other stone? Pure vibrant color with some sparkle, that's what!

Frederic Sage found his inspirarion from his father and followed his true passion in designing jewelry. With his use of beautifully cut gems and fine diamonds, he creates masterpieces set in 18K gold.

Shown above is a Frederic Sage Set with White Topaz over a Mother of Pearl Mosaic pattern. This jaw-dropping set shines with a classy iridescence.

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Doves president and lead designer, Doron Paloma, find inspiration everywhere. Most of his collections are inspired by nature, fashion and even architecture. Every piece is handcrafted by Doves artisans, using only 18 karat gold and high quality diamonds.

Shown to the left is a beautiful Doves White Topaz over Turquoise Ring. The combination of these two stones makes them appear to actually glow.

Click Here to View Dove's Jewelry.

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